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About us

Our History

The Bristol Ticket Shop is the 30 year old brain child of an ex-Virgin store manager who wanted "to do less work" and "create a working environment that allowed and encouraged staff to pursue personal ambitions" In retrospect she's the first to admit that there were big flaws in the first part of that plan.

As for the second part, BTS staff include an award-winning film and TV actor, a club manager, and a band manageress while another member of staff is taking a sabbatical to set up his own business. Through flexi-time arrangements we've ensured that those of us with children have been able to work alongside full-time parenting without having to pay for carers.

In 1987, the music scene in Bristol was blossoming but there was no central point for promotors to sell their wares locally and for customers to have somewhere to go to get the low down on what was going on club and gig-wise.

*Why pink? Well initially it was to align ourselves politically with what was then a very small movement. In these days of almost universal LGBT acceptance it's hard for most of us to conceive that homophobia was rife in the UK less than 25 years ago but while worldwide persecution exists, BTS will stay pink.

Starting off as a concession in Virgin and then Ourprice, (remember Ourprice?) the Bristol Ticket Shop has moved from the galleries to the Arcade back to The Galleries and now to its current home on the High St, always remaining in the centre of Bristol. In this time we have seen the emergence of an amazing club scene, Bristol’s rise to the king of the mid-sized gig venue and the INTRODUCTION OF THE INTERNET (blessing and a curse?). We have had to deal with 50 metre queues for Glastonbury tickets (before they went security crazy); The great watery disaster and the rebirth of Sunrise Festival and now the re-launch of our new and improved website!!! With the recent addition of both Son and Daughter to the mix this family run mini-empire now has 6 employees (8 if you include the Sunday cleaners).

The Bristol Ticket Shop has always had a focus on supporting the local music scene and now more than ever we are determined to get a better deal for Bristol gig goers. Touts are one of the biggest rip-offs, especially when big corporations such as Viagogo and Getmein facilitate the sale of tickets at 4 times the actual cost. We advise to always buy from a reputable primary agent of which there are quite a few. If you are a looking for tickets for national events that we don’t stock then we independently endorse Gigantic, Eventim and Seetickets and if you are looking for an event in London, Stargreen are a brilliant independent agent with people on the end of the phone.

Bristol Ticket Shop does not solely do tickets for Bristol but we do have a focus on the city and its surrounding areas. If you do not see the event you wish to go to, please give our knowledgeable staff a ring during opening hours (10am – 6pm mon-Sat & 10am-7pm thurs) and hopefully they will be able to give you more information on the event status and where you will be able to get the tickets from.