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Carnival Punks & Undo Present - Punk Vs Jungle

Organiser: Carnival Punks

Date Friday 8th November 2019
Time Doors Open 08:00 PM
Age 18
Event description

Carnival Punks & Undo Present... Punk VS Jungle round two - A fundraiser for ACORN

Underground Punk / Ska / Hip-Hop / Dance bands and multi-genre bass music rooted in Jungle.

ACORN is a mass membership organisation and network of low-income people organising for a fairer deal for our communities - founded in Bristol in 2015 they began organising tackling rogue landlords and letting agents, they continue to do this alongside broader campaigns and direct action addressing the root causes of injustice.

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DOWNSTAIRS: Carnival Punks – bands

China Shop Bull - Ska / Rave / Hip-Hop / Punk / Drum n Bass

Fronted by a rapper with a Yorkshire accent and and an aggressive singer who is simultaneously technically brilliant on guitar, backed up by a powerful brass section and a mathematically precise rhythm section. The old adage of 'has to be seen/heard to be believed' has never rung truer than with China Shop Bull. Yes they combine elements of hip hop, punk, ska, drum and bass and reggae. But the point is that they do so with excellent musicianship and and incredible energy!

One Eyed God - Circus Punk / Psychedelic / Reggae / Ska / Dub

Blasting out an infectiously ramshackle and raucous wall of sound, One Eyed God are a 5 piece combo and have been a regular fixture on the festival circuit since forming in 2011. Fusing punky ska, reggae and dub with sax driven melodies and balkan bouzouki licks, the music embodies the carnival atmosphere of a festival with lyrics showcasing both life's reality, surreality and absurdity.

THE DUB RIGHTERS - Reggae / Ska / Hip-Hop / Roots / Dub

Ruff and ready, irie as fuck, punky reggae quartet from Babylondon Town. Playing the finest in Reggae/ska/dub/roots with some hip hop and soul amongst other stuff. For fans of the one foot skank and brandishers of gun fingers.


With more firepower than a bazooka, The Vegetable Collective are a raucous quintuplet of North London wareho​use-dw​ellers who combine SKA, PUNK, DUB & RAP to create a manic live show that is guaranteed to blow your limbs apart

Knockdown Dolls - Dance / Punk / Hip-Hop / Ska

Dance-Punk outfit with Hip Hop and Drum & Bass inflections, featuring members of QELD and Public Order Act,
The KDD are a Live Ska/Rock band pumped full of emulated EDM rhythms, synthetic sounds and a shed-load of dancing energy.
‘Doesn’t sound like your normal punk racket’ - Tom’s dad

DOWNSTAIRS DJs: Danger, Diva, Praises & Tangent


UPSTAIRS: Powered by UNDO Crew (Fka. KSC) - Jungle DJs

Beyz - (Zlo-tEk / Jungle Syndicate)

Noisyboy (Police Rave Unit / Dissident)

Krackpotkin (Junglish - Undo)
Peverly Knight (acid/jungle - Undo / Police Rave Unit),
Quiche Chegwin (jungle/dnb - Undo / Irritant / Police Rave Unit)
Wednesday&October (footwork/jungle - Undo)
Troz Minster (Bass/Jungle - Undo)
Ambisinister (Jungle - Undo / Zło-tEk)


SIDE ROOM: Disco / Random DJs


Tilwah (GSC)



More TBC..